Our good friends over at EVGA Corp. makers of high end gaming video cards, mobos, power supplies, and cases, gave us a redemption code for the horror/survial game DAYLIGHT and it could be yours, free! See Rules below.

Atlus and Zombie Studios team up to bring you an unusual type of horror game, Daylight. In Daylight the game you play Sarah who wakes up in an abandoned hospital with nothing more than the light from her cellphone to help her see in the dark…and just outside of her field of vision there are things that go bump in dark.


[youtube id=”GSYdvUaOsQs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Made with the Unreal 4 engine the game offers stunning visuals and to top that off the game is created procedurally, which makes it unusual. Unusual because, there is lots of stuff going on in the back end, all that means you and I is: You never play the same game twice! All the environments and  creatures are generated randomly. It is a new user experience every time you play the game for endless possibilities for game play. Now that is unusual.

To become eligible all you have to do comment on the post on Alien Cyborgs FB page and then go and LIKE EVGA’s FB page.

We will pick a winner on May 7th, 2014 and announce it on our Facebook page. You will have 48hrs to private message us and then we will send you your redemption code and instructions via email.

Easy, right?

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