If your a fan of anything Geek or Sci-fi related you can relate to seeing a T-shirt or accessory on someone walking by that is the epitome of your Fan Boy/Girl nature. It’s always a hunt for that one piece that completes you as a fan. Whether nostalgic or just that current bad ass film summed up in a Catch phrase, finding such wear is a tough search. Luckily the people at RedBubble.com have given a place for a community of artists to contribute that shiny twinkle in their creative eyes for an outlet. Convenience is key so if your looking for something specific use their search tool to narrow things down. After purchasing a new iPhone I knew I needed that protective case that would not only serve its purpose for protection but also that wearable piece of Fan appreciation. You can custom choose different designs from either a genre subject or artist.

                                                      Iphone & Ipod Cases

My Iphone Case from RedBubble

To bring you the world’s finest iWotsit protection we’ve hooked up with consummate case professionals Uncommon. They’re an industry leader in making superbly high quality and durable iPhone & iPod cases – one of the few brands chosen by Apple for Apple Stores. They invented a revolutionary and top secret printing process called TATT™, which embeds the design into the case – so no fading or peeling, ever. It all sounds a bit space age really, which we quite like.

 Features for all Iphone and Ipad cases:
– Printed in the US of A
– Long life, super-bright colors embedded directly into the case
– Extremely durable, shatterproof casing
– Allows access to all device features; Charges while in case
– Special keyhole ring keeps photos completely unobstructed
– Available in 1000s of unique designs
– Fits all mobile providers worldwide, including AT&T, Verizon & Sprint
MSRP: $34.10 ~ $46.50

Style variations – Capsule & Deflector

The deflector is a single piece clip-on case and the capsule is a two piece slide-on case with a removable bottom Rebubble currently offers the following case styles:

  • iPhone 4S & 4 Deflector one-piece case. Fits all mobile provider versions.
  • iPhone 4S & 4 Capsule two-piece case. Fits all mobile provider versions.
  • iPhone 3GS & 3G Capsule two-piece case. Fits all mobile provider versions.
  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Capsule two-piece case

Check out RedBubble.com for more unique iphone/ipad cases!