There are a lot of things involved trying to get this damn Beta Site off of the ground: Software issues, Graphic Design, Recording, Equipment, Meetings, Interviews…trying to corral all the parties involved and syncing up all the different time zones…ugh! The “IncredibleDope” and I were having a small, yet annoying issue with the Thumbnails not showing up on “the AlienCyborgs are:” portion of the site. I don’t believe that something as small as that took 2 days of futzing to finally get it right. This endeavor is proving to be a lot of work trying to be creative as well as business savvy…but I love It and the Community! In a perfect world I would do this all day, every day (oh, and surf)…now if only I could find a way of getting PAID to do it , life would be GRANDER, is what I mean.

Here is small motivation poster I saw that Nick posted over at Grey Scale Gorilla. GSG is one of the sites…scratch that, its the ONLY site that I go to to get my daily dose of Cinema4D.

I really believe in this and I am going to apply it to my creative life. Happy News y’all.

Addendum 01/20/12:

Nick Campbell from Grey Scale Gorilla  has in no small way been an inspiration to me. I really vibe his site and the things he does. Admittedly, he isnt the Alpha and the Omega when it comes to Cinema4D but hes putting himself out there and he is willing to teach others what he knows. I can tell that there are a few rules on this list he adheres to…well, I would like to thinks so anyway.

Nick posted this up on his site and I just wanted to give a shout out to Creative  for being the originators of this very cool poster.

Anyway, keep doing what your doing Nick…and anyone who is creative I think you would reall benifit from these rules.

“Do yo thang boy, I ain’t mad atcha!”
~ Tupak Shakur