TSR – Featured Artist: Freehand Profit    “All Day I Dream About Stormtroopers”

TSR – Featured Artist: Freehand Profit “All Day I Dream About Stormtroopers”


Check out Freehand Profits website here.

Let me start by saying, I’ve seen a my fair share of Star Wars themed art by some very talented artist in my time but every now and then I come across something that really blows me away. The other night I was trying to describe to a friend of mine what exactly I wanted to do with this blog. The moment I said it was a Star Wars Blog he piped up and said “I have just the thing for you…have you seen the Adidas Stormtrooper Helmet?”

Now there are many things I love in life but Star Wars and Adidas are ranked right up there, so when Shane B. told me about this artist who made a Stormtrooper
helmet out of Adidas Tennis shoe parts I had to find out for myself. So what is one to do when one doesn’t know where to begin looking for something? Thats right, I Googled it! And man, was I blown away with what I found out.
I found this amazing artist name “Freehand Profit” whose work is as dope as his Nom de plume! As I scrolled through his blog perusing the Fresh that is “Freehand Profit”, I finally stumbled on the Holy Grail of Tennis Shoes turned Helmet: “The Adidas X Stormtrooper Helmet”.

My jaw dropped.

The holy grail of Tennis Shoe Helmets
The Holy Grail of Tennis Shoe Helmets

I don’t know how he did it but Freehand Profit pulled off one the BEST Star Wars themed art pieces I’ve ever seen. I can only Imagine what that thing must feel like on, the smell of brand new unused tennis shoe, the hollow muffled sound of my voice saying “Move Along” and the confidence of knowing that I was rocking one of a kind art on my dome piece. I can’t lie, if I had that thing on I would have to try and bust out some of my old Breaking moves or at least try to Up Rock with it on. Of course, I would have on kicks to match. Maybe even a white Adidas Track suit…come on, you gotta right?

Freehand Profit and the Adidas X Stormtrooper Helmet

Obviously, the next thing that runs through my Pee Brain is “I want it, I gotta have it, where do I go get it?” Where does one go to get one of a kind art pieces? Why, EBAY of course! I did some searching and guess what… there is was on ebay but it wasnt alone, it brought along its Empire sized price tag. My hopes where dashed and the reality of me being a Break Dancing Stormtooper seemed far, far away.


HOW MUCH?! That’s a hefty bounty…but well worth it.

I suppose its worth it, it takes time and effort to craft such an item. I’m not mad at Freehand Profit ..a little bummed out maybe but he definitely deserves every penny he can get for his artwork. Hopefully I can interview Freehand Profit, I want to tell him how great I think the piece is and ask him a few questions like: How long did it take to make the helmet? Have you thought of a making a Vader one and the most important question of all “Dude, can you make me a Boba Fett helmet bro?!”

“The Force is strong with this one.”

Check out Freehand Profits website here.

A big “Thank you” to Shane B. for turning me on to this story.

http://freehandprofit.com/ September 13, 2011
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