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Are you ready for the end of the world? Yeah, didn’t think so but don’t feel bad neither was this group of friends in “THIS IS THE END”.


Jay Baruchel
Seth Rogan
James Franco
Jonah Hill
Craig Robinson
Danny McBride


Set up:
Take one part party/stoner movie & one part apocalypse, and you’ll end up with “This is The End”. All the actors  play over exaggerated versions of themselves. Jay as the anti-L.A. scene-maybe hipster. Seth as the total sellout, James as the artsy-straight or gay guy and Jonah as America’s sweetheart.


Jay flys down from Canada to spend what he thinks is going to be a quiet weekend just hanging with his old buddy Seth at his house but he couldn’t have been more wrong. They all end up together at a party at James Franco’s house where they are surrounded by booze, drugs a plenty and loads of Hollywood’s elite comedians and actors. Then all Hell breaks loose…literally. Bored, waiting to be rescued & trying to find out what is happening outside of James fortress of a house, drives the guys just a little bit crazy.When its the end of days, salvaging the last of your food, water, & drugs is not as hard as turning on one another. Who can you trust when everyone wants to live?



The CG in this movie is superbly done: Demon dogs, Hell fire, sinkholes. While the effects are indeed outstanding, the real winner of this movie is the camaraderie  and the chemistry between the guys in the house.


“Hermoine just stole all of our shit!” ~ Danny McBride

The laughs keep on coming through out the whole movie. One of my favorite parts without a doubt is the Michael Cera/Christopher Mintz-Plasse scene. Total LOL moment! Emma Watson playing a badass is hilarious on it own but Danny McBride’s douchey portrayal of himself makes the movie. Love him or Hate him (I’m undecided), he was great.
All in all, one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in years. Go watch this immediately!! You will not be disappointed!


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