“What Character would you be in Jabba’s Palace?”

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be a long line of Star Wars (copyright Lucasfilms) related blogs. We are going to hypothesize, assume, postulate, debate and pontify on all things Star Wars. We will base our *Lucasian (see below) dogma purely on rhetoric and conjecture. In other words…”We gonna talk a grip of shit about Star Wars and get GEEKY up in this Mother Bitch!” “Dark Jedi Pat” a.k.a Patrick Estrada and myself, “Darth Jetar 2000” will be your hosts…more or less. (These are just place holder names til we can come up with something less lame but it doesn’t seem likely)

THE SET UP: Pat asked me: “What character would you be in Jabba’s Palace when Luke Skywalker walks in and what would you do?” My answer was simple and without hesitation…Boba Mother Fucking Fett!

Listen Here:

Pat and I get into a little back-and-forth about the whole “Jango/Boba Clone” thing. I’m not going to touch upon that topic just yet but I will in the very near future and it promises to be a more elegant discussion for a more civilized time. Just for the record, I know that Jango and Boba not the same person. I get the whole cloning thing, I really do…just ask my pet sheep “Jango Dolly” and “Boba Dolly”.

I get cloning
My pet sheep

*Lucasian adj.def. Having to do with George Lucas…I just made that shit up so don’t bite it! ~ Editors Note.