I’ve never been a big fan of Marvel’s The Punisher, but I respect his gangster. When Frank Castle enters a storyline, you know he’s gonna get gangster on somebody’s ass, in most cases Spider Man or Daredevil.

 Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher

If you don’t know his background, let me elaborate for you. Frank Castle, a war veteran who’s family was murdered when they witnessed a gangland hit in Central Park turns himself into a one man army. A vigilante of not giving any shits (as if he had any to give).

The Punisher was BIG in the eighties and back then there was reason for that. We had the The Terminator, RoboCop, Aliens, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Reaganomics. It was a time to be badass just as much as his debut was in the seventies which be can compared to the mood of time as crime rose in that decade. Culture that reflects that can be seen in Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver and Death Wish to name a few. The Punisher encompassed all of that.

But now…?

At WonderCon 2012, it was announced that The Punisher would be in space. If you are fan of The Punisher, I’ll give you a few moments to let that sink for a while.

The Punisher…in space…Mother Fucking SPACE. Does that not offend you?!

As of this writing SPACE: Punisher has yet to come out (it debuts in July 2012) and honsetly it might be the best damn Punisher story ever told…but I highly doubt it. I don’t doubt the creative capabilities of it’s team Frank Tieri (New Excalibur, Iron Man, Wolverine) and Mark Texeira (Sabertooth, Sentry/X-Men, Marvel Comics Presents), I just think after you made Frank Castle some supernatural hunter and for Jesus Murphy sakes FrankenCastle (after being torn asunder by Wolverine’s asshole son Daken and being stitched back together again) putting him space seems a little bit like beating a dead horse.

Ennis had been writing The Punisher for the better part of the last decade under Marvel’s MAX Comics line where there were rare appearances by other super heroes save Nick Fury and Daredevil; Also removed was Marvel’s floating timeline so the Frank Castle was aging in real time having been born in 1950 and being active for nearly thirty years as The Punisher.

However, Frank Castle has never really fit in the realm of the Marvel Universe filled with its Silver Surfers, Fantastic Fours, Avengers, New Avengers, Young Avengers, Younger Avengers, Avengers Academy, Avengers: 1959…(sigh) need I say more?

Can they integrate him more into the mainstream?


A perfect example is in Ed Brubaker’s Daredevil run (The Devil In Cell Block D/Volume 4 Issue 82-87) where Matt Murdock is sent to jail for crimes committed as Daredevil. Frank “Bignuts” Castle A.K.A. The Punisher reads this in a newspaper, immediately knocks out a pimp beating his… ahem “worker” and surrenders to a beat cop who’s scared shitless because The Punisher has a rep! All to get the throw in jail to help protect Murdock and help him escape, meanwhile he gets to beat up on villains and vagabonds. It’s a win win for The Punisher.


But putting him space reminds me of this….


Somewhere Dolph Lundgren is shedding a tear and doesn’t know why.

If anyone takes a hit of this comic please let me know, because it’s gotta be better than the weed that Rob Liefeld fans smoke.


That Video Clip from the Boondocks is COMEDY! ~ Editors Note