The Awesome Countdown to Awesomeness! Our Favorite 10 Hottest Female Aliens

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Our Favorite 10 Hottest Female Aliens!

The Alien Cyborgs Staff got together and created a list of our favorite femme fatales from galaxies far far away to pit them against each other in a steel cage match to the DEATH!!! Ok, so there is no cage and there is no death but there is a Pokémon/YuGiOh styled face off  between “Movie Matt” Dinan vs “Jet Blaque” Olaño list of hotties. Peter “The Swordsman” Tullio, acting as judge decided who’s list is better there by proclaiming a winner in The Awesome Countdown to Awesomeness!


All of the back and forth and deliberations finally culminates to this one battle…I draw my “Ace In The Hole” with Princess Leia Organa who hold a warm place for MOST Fanboys. That alone should be the Trump Card. Mean while Matt draws his card from the deck…and he draws the ONLY card that could match Leia. He throws down Sil from the movie Species. Sil’s (played by the Nova Hot Natasha Henstridge)  SOLE purose in life is to procreate! All she wants to do is get into YOUR PANTS!

Hold on, is there a fucking monkey in that graphic above!?

Pop quiz hot shot,  you are staring down the barrel of one the most difficult pickels your pickel could ever be in, what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?! Sorry, SPEED moment there. So, do you think with your Heart or Hard on with this one?

“There can only be one!”

There are twists and turns that leave us with a surprise ending to this Battle of Boobs! Speaking of surprise endings…if you want to win the ALIENS BLU-RAY DISC ANTHOLOGY that we will be giving away listen to the ENTIRE podcast for all the clues!

Thanks for listening and remember to “SPEAK OUT WITH YOUR GEEK OUT!”

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