TBDBITL: OSU Marching Band Video Game Tribute!

It’s a lazy Sunday morning and as I write this I am still in bed. I’m doing my usual morning “Web Crawl”, checking out whats new and geeky on the interweb when all of a sudden I see an alert go off on the Alien Cyborgs Facebook page. Hmmm…I wonder what this could be? I come to find a post from Dave Wen from Anaheim, one of the amazing people from our Alien Cyborgs community. Its something about of all things a college band. It was a video on the Ohio State University Marching Band…something about video games too. Ok, I’ll bite…

Now here is a lil known fact about yours truly: I LOVE watching college bands get down! I remember I used to laugh when seeing the commercials for The ESPN Battle Of The College Bands…how is that even COOL? But by the 10th second into the commercial I was floored! It was a B.O.T.B  focusing on Southern Colleges, man those schools from the Dirty South can get DOWN! They had crazy choreographed moves and sizzling hot songs! Don’t get me wrong I’ve grown up watching the USC Trojan marching band is really something to behold. (Although their colors are a bit harsh on my eyes and prefer the more aesthetic Blue and Gold colors of UCLA MORE…Go Bruins!) Not to mention I’ve been to a few Rose Parades and seen some of this stuff live.

Anyway, I know what you’re thinking:”How does College Football even make it on Alien Cyborgs?” Usually, I would pass this right up but when you take a peek at what Dave posted on the page you’ll see why I posted it.

If you even remotely like Video Games…you might think this is cool. If you are a Gamer…then you might think this is VERY cool!

This clip really showcases why The Ohio State University Marching Band is the T.B.D.B.I.T.L! For those of you who don’t understand what that means…let me shed some light on it, it stands for “The Best Damn Band In The Land” I’m sure after watching it you’ll agree!

Shout out to Dave Wen..thanks for the post! Good looking out!

Watch the clip below and enjoy! As usual leave a comment and LIKE us on FB!