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ALIEN CYBORGS BAG OF SWAG GIVEAWAY…CUS YOU DESERVE IT! Alien Cyborgs heads out to the Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3 at the Los Angeles Convention

June 17, 2014 Games, Giveaways
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BLACK GOLD ONLINE PREMIUM LOOT CARD GIVEAWAY Alien Cyborgs headed down to E3 again this year and collected a whole lot of swag just for

June 16, 2014 Games, Giveaways
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Q&A with Kevin Smith: WAS THERE A “REAL” AMY?

A NIGHT WITH KEVIN SMITH: CHASING AMY Q&A AT THE NEW BEVERLY CINEMA “Was there a “real” Amy?” that was the question Jet Blaque from

April 20, 2014 Events, Movies
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M&CHBI Podcast Crossover: Dishing Out Punishment pt.2

THE PUNISHER PART 2 It’s 2014 and it’s a brand new year!  The first podcast over here at Alien Cyborgs is a very special one.

February 12, 2014 GeeksSpeakGeek Podcast
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Vampires, Zombies, Witches and Boobs…OH MY!

ALIEN CYBORGS: GEEK SPEAK GEEK PODCAST The Halloween Podcast 2013!  Alien Cyborgs’ very first Halloween Podcast. In this episode we discuss real important Halloween subjects,

November 23, 2013 GeeksSpeakGeek Podcast, Podcasts
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KAIJU ALERT: Godzilla Leaked Trailer Breakdown

KAIJU ALERT: Godzilla Leaked Trailer Breakdown There is so much talk about he rarely seen New Godzilla trailer last week that we decided to search

October 18, 2013 Movies
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Chipotle’s hauntingly beautiful animated campaign

Chiptole partners with Academy Award Winning Moonbot studio to create an amazingly haunting animation and iOS game for their new campaign. The beautiful animation is

September 17, 2013 Animation
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Geek Speak Geek Podcast – News From the Net 09.09.13

Geek Speak Geek Podcast: News From The Net 09.09.13 Alien Cyborgs News From the Net. This is when we have nothing specific to discuss so we

September 17, 2013 GeeksSpeakGeek Podcast
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TSAG Game Review: Lo Fi Games’ Kenshi v.0.46.1

Game Review:  Kenshi v.0.46.1 “Fat Yeti” from The Socially Awkward Gamers gives us an indepth review of  Lo Fi Game’s “Kenshi” V.0.46.1  Even though the game

September 09, 2013 Games
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LG traumatizes would be job applicants by setting up one of its 84 inch ULTRA HD T.V.s  in a fake office to look like a

September 05, 2013 Tech, Video Of The Week
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Geek Speak Geek Podcast: Bat Brolin Rumors

NEWS FROM THE NET: BAT BROLIN RUMORS Special Guest, Will Miller aka The Incredible Dope joins Jet Blaque on the mic to talk a grip

August 05, 2013 GeeksSpeakGeek Podcast
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Alien Cyborgs E3 2013 Podcast

Listen Here! [display_podcast]IOS DEVICES click on “AUDIO MP3″ icon  Alien Cyborgs headed out to Los Angeles to attend all three days of the the Electronics

June 23, 2013 GeeksSpeakGeek Podcast
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