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 ‘VIEWS FROM A BURNING WINDMILL: G.I. JOE: RETALIATION The online movie watching diary/review roundup of LA FRANKENSTEIN. Follow my cinematic journey from the glimmering towers of

September 15, 2013 Views From A Burning Windmill
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Oblivion Black Carpet Premiere

Tom Cruise stars in OBLIVION, an original and groundbreaking cinematic event from the visionary director of TRON: Legacy and producers of Rise of the Planet

April 11, 2013 Events, Movies
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“Last Daughter Of Alderaan” Dartboard Giveaway

Another Great Alien Cyborgs Giveaway! Enter to win this Classic Dartboard and Case. The front of the case features an image of the Star Wars

March 10, 2013 Events, Giveaways, The Spice Run
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Then The Dog Pissed Fire – Friday the 13th

 Then The Dog Pissed Fire – Friday the 13th In most horror series, the villain is also sort of the lead, so while you need

November 09, 2012 Movies
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