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Embrace Your Inner Geek!

Geek /gēk/ Noun: An unfashionable or socially inept person. While this moniker was once used as an unflattering and derogatory expression in the not-so-distant past,

January 30, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs

“Borded To Death!” Here, hit this: Chew, Ex-Machina, Scalped, The Walking Dead

   I read a lot of comics…a LOT of comics. Not everything, but a lot.    Why? Mainly, because I’m bored and I like to

January 26, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Comic Books

GEEK, what a big four letter word…

Geek, what a big four letter word.  Like other four letter words it can be used as a noun, adjective and verb. “Geek” as a

January 25, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs

AlienCyborgs “Geek Speak Geek Podcast” 01.17.12

Matt hates Guy Ritchie’s new Sherlock Holmes, claims its not “Holmes-y” enough and Jet hates Burton’s old Batmcus because the Joker is too…“Joker-y” (Not really,

January 17, 2012 GeeksSpeakGeek Podcast
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