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Q&A with Kevin Smith: WAS THERE A “REAL” AMY?

A NIGHT WITH KEVIN SMITH: CHASING AMY Q&A AT THE NEW BEVERLY CINEMA “Was there a “real” Amy?” that was the question Jet Blaque from

April 20, 2014 Events, Movies
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Comic Review : Adventure Time – Series 1

Title: Adventure Time – Series 1 Created by: Pendleton Ward Written by: Ryan North Art by: Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb I think I should

August 09, 2013 Comic Books
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“Last Daughter Of Alderaan” Dartboard Giveaway

Another Great Alien Cyborgs Giveaway! Enter to win this Classic Dartboard and Case. The front of the case features an image of the Star Wars

March 10, 2013 Events, Giveaways, The Spice Run
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Wolverine is Dressed to Kill! New image from “The Wolverine”

Wolverine is Dressed to Kill! New image from “The Wolverine”   The internet is buzzing from these new images that were released from the long

January 28, 2013 Comic Books, Movies
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Avengers vs X-Men vs My Longing For Asgardian Wars

Avengers vs X-Men vs My Longing For Asgardian Wars by The Incredible Dope I haven’t blogged here for a good while and I apologize about

September 26, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Comic Books
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Disney’s “Oz, the Great and Powerful” – Trailer

Disney’s “Oz, the Great and Powerful” Set for release in March 2013 Disneys “Oz the great and powerful”, a prequel to the beloved  1939 MGM

July 29, 2012 Movies
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AMAZINGLY UNNECESSARY part 2 (a Remake Shmee-Shmake special edition) Clarification from LAFRANKENSTEIN:  I began this article a few weeks ago, before The Amazing Spider-man was

July 27, 2012 Comic Books, Movies
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Geeks Speak Geek Podcast: 07.17.12 Peter Poops!

Geeks Speak Geek Podcast: 07.17.12 Peter Poops! Hey Listen to this: [display_podcast]iOS device on click on AUDIO MP3 icon High Lights: 1:22 Intros, babble and give

July 26, 2012 GeeksSpeakGeek Podcast
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GIVE AWAY: DIABLO III Autographed Copy Free!

GIVE AWAY: DIABLO III  Autographed Copy Free! is giving away a free autographed copy of BLIZZARD’s awesome RPG DIABLO III…for FREE! Thats right, free! 

May 17, 2012 Events, Giveaways
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Remake Shmee-Shmake – The Titans (Clash & Wrath)

The theatrical box office (especially on a film’s opening weekend) is like Hollywood’s voting booth.  When you buy a ticket for a remake of a

April 14, 2012 Movies
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Federation or Republic, hmmm…

The Federation or the Republic, were I lay my laser is my home. here is a fundamental difference between Star Trek and Star wars; Star

April 02, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs
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AlienCyborgs “Geek Speak Geek Podcast” 02.29.12

Geek Speak Geek Podcast: [audio:|titles=AC_GSGPC_02.29.12_Leap Year Day] TOPICS OF THE DAY “Leap Year and its Traditions.” Why it sucks when it comes to rent Leap

February 29, 2012 GeeksSpeakGeek Podcast
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