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Well hello there, I’m L.A. FRANKENSTEIN, and I watch a lot of movies. Now many people will say they watch a lot of movies, but

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Dexter Kills it…an evening with Michael C. Hall

Alien Cyborgs heads out to the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles to sit in on an exclusive showing of Showtime‘s hit T.V. show Dexter

July 12, 2013 Events, T.V
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Listen up J.J.! Abrams takes notes from fans on Kimmel!

Director J.J. Abrams appears on Live with Jimmy Kimmel to promote his new block buster Star Trek. The Fans pipe up and SURPISE guests Billy

May 18, 2013 Movies, T.V
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First Look: DRACULA Trailer “Some things never die.”

NBC brings Dracula to the small screen in a new television series. Jonathan Rhys Meyers will star the the twisted, sophisticated and sexy take on Bram

May 13, 2013 T.V
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MAN OF STEEL – New Trailer

Warner Bros. Releases a new 40 second Television Spot for the up and coming summer blockbuster Man of Steel. “A YOUNG BOY LEARNS THAT HE HAS

May 13, 2013 Comic Books, Movies
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4 simple rules: 1) Do not expose mogwai to bright lights 2) Do not get a mogwai wet. 3) Do not feed a mogwai after

May 13, 2013 Movies

ALIEN CYBORGS: BREAKING DAWN GIVEAWAY Alien Cyborgs has a Soft Cover Autographed copy of  TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN to give away free! It is signed by

November 17, 2012 Events, Movies
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Interview: Custom Toy Maker “FrenzyRumble” talks toys!

Interview: Custom Toy Maker “FrenzyRumble” talks toys! Forward by Ram Olaño  ”Maybe because it was the time, maybe because it was my age, maybe because they

September 01, 2012 Artists, Toys
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