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AGENT of S.H.I.E.L.D teaser trailer – FIRST LOOK

AGENT of S.H.I.E.L.D TEASER TRAILER – FIRST LOOK Not only is it official, its really, really official! ABC not only ordered the pilot for the

May 12, 2013 Comic Books, T.V
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Avengers vs X-Men vs My Longing For Asgardian Wars

Avengers vs X-Men vs My Longing For Asgardian Wars by The Incredible Dope I haven’t blogged here for a good while and I apologize about

September 26, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Comic Books
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Geek Speak Geek Podcast – The Matt with no name!

Listen To This! [display_podcast]   This Weeks Topics: - Birthdays 4:30 min. - Sports 5 min. - Batman Brave and the Bold: Animated Scooby Doo

May 18, 2012 GeeksSpeakGeek Podcast
Featured Post_The Avengers Movie Review 4 L.A. Frankenstein Reviews The Avengers and witnesses history Overall Score

L.A. Frankenstein Reviews The Avengers and witnesses history

I have just witnessed an historic event. “But I thought you were just catching a midnight show of The Avengers to review for the AC

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“World Premiere – Avengers Assembled!

AlienCyborgs heads down to Disney’s El Capitan theatre on Hollywood Blvd in The City of Angels to hang with the fans, Star Gaze and Hero

April 16, 2012 Events, Movies
Avengers Trailer Super Bowl 4

Get ready to Assemble!

Superbowl Sunday Showed us one hell of an epic battle…I’m not talking football now, I’m talking about the new trailer for the Marvel Entertainment Summer

February 07, 2012 Comic Books, Movies
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Comic Books – From the mouth of Marvel Dec.11

Here is just a snippet from the new Marvel release for the week of December 11, 2011 for more information on the new releases of

December 16, 2011 Comic Books
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