We took a small survey here in the “Secret Lair” and the question was “What is your favorite Stormtrooper Uniform in the STAR WARS Universe?” This includes the Desert Gear, the Standard Issue, Tie Pilot, Speeder Bike/Scout, AT-AT Pilot and even the Shadow Trooper Uniform. Of all the Stormtrooper Uniforms out in the STAR WARS Universe the favorite seems to be the Speeder Bike Uniform. So we became really excited when we saw this little number!

Check out this stellar case that won a PC Case Mod Contest.


The Contest was held by a Dutch Website called Hardware.info  The conest was to see  who could mod a Corsair 600T and make the best looking case. Hands down we are all in agreeance that this is the best case entered in the contest.
We are all holding our breathe hoping that will make a Boba Fett Model sometime soon!

Not bad for technology that used a long time ago in a galaxy far far away!