The Federation or the Republic, were I lay my laser is my home.

There is a fundamental difference between Star Trek and Star wars; Star Trek is science fiction and Star Wars is science fantasy. The Federation was modeled from old TV Westerns like Wagon Train where there is a moral tale of right vs. wrong and humanism. Whereas The Republic was more idealistic of circa 1930’s Flash Gordon where it seemed more hand over fist, good guy vs bad guy, winner gets the girl wit. That being said, if faced with the absolute annihilation of our current world, and hypothetically speaking, neither organization were fiction, which science-y laden masterpiece would be more conducive for a bold relocation to where no women has gone before?

So before I start buying up some property in a random system of a now nonfictional world, I don’t know about you folks, but I would rather not be sharing sugar and milk with a bunch of totalitarian bounty hunting Borgs. So, do you suppose the Coruscant System has a group of nonbiased Realtors? Doubtful, so let’s break it down:





When comparing star ship to star ship it seems as though there will be significant sacrifice of ones living quality over another. Question is, which is more important; the ability to romp around your tree house mansion in the forest hand in hand with a gorgeous bad boy surrounded by your closest ewok friends, praying to a false God you don’t hear speeder bikes in the near distance, or, a free, mildly care free life with joyous liberties and peace but in the confinement of a spaceship or hovel with a less adorable companion and even less adorable partner?

Star Trek v Star Wars Ship Comparison

How you doin'?

Although the answer seems very obvious, life without excitement, without desire, without passion  and otherwise devoided of ewoks, is too much of a sacrifice for silly justice and peace, at least for this Gal. For me, living a life far outweighs just existing in one, so if that means having to give up a few established civil rights so that I can fight in a war to maintain what rights I do have, then where’s my sporting blaster? At least then I will have pride and ownership of the world I would be creating and defending, and thus be more honored to live in it! Fantasy for some, is a realistic way to deal with the everyday grind of their daily lives which, at times already seems to mimic science fiction. If I can start all over again, I want to fight, to survive and have quality in the form of accomplishments of something that really matters holistically. So, do I choose the Federation over the Republic? I think it was best said by Princess Leia herself: “I’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee”!
(ed. note ~ I can arrange that!)

(special ed. note ~ The Force is strong with this one!)

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