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Alien Cyborgs attended a Warner Bros. Sneak Peek to get a first look at PACIFIC RIM in 3D on the Imax big screen Wendnesday Night. We ask ourselves one thing before entering the theatre…will Guillermo del Toro deliver?

Mix one part Godzilla, one part Mecha, one part Rock em’, Sock em’ Robots, sprinkle in two handful of finely chopped VFX and finally, toss in a heaping portion of Del Toro. Mix til lumpy and what do you get? A perfect recipe for the kick ass monster summer block buster PACIFIC RIM.

Ok, try this one on for size: A fissure opens up on the sea floor at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and an out pouring of various levels of “Kaiju” ( that’s Japanese for “Strange Beast”) rise up to level random cities along the Pacific Rim. What is a frail humanity to do? Why, thats easy, just quote the movie trailer: “In order to fight monsters, we created monsters of our own” and by “monsters” we mean GIANT MECHS called “Jaegers” to fight off the rapidly increasing pesky Kaiju. Blood, bolts and destruction of cities ensue!!!

…thats all folks! If you want the short version just leave off here and watch the trailer!

I would be happy with that review but as it turns out, there is more!

Leave it to Guillermo del Toro and his imagination to breathe life into the long dead genre of “Giant Robots and Gargantuan Monsters” (In the past both parts were usually played by a guys in foam rubber suits). This movie is everything you want it to be and for better or worse, a lil bit more.

Let me be clear here, this movie is a pure Block Buster Pop Corn Muncher!  It does not strive to be deep or thought provoking, what it does strive to be is kick ass VFX PORN and thats just what it achieves. It seems the more GdT does these bigger movies, the further he is getting from the darker feel that was inherently GdT. No fault to him for that, if he didn’t do those early “Del Toro-y” pieces we wouldn’t have landed have here at Pacific Rim. In fact, it seems to be the natural order of thing, change, evolve to do bigger and better projects. In the words of the M.C./poet Tupac Shukur: “Change? Shit, I guess its good  for any of us…I’m witcha, I ain’t mad atcha. I aint got nothin but love for ya, do your thang boy.”  If you IMDB GdT you will see his future holds nothing but Block Buster “sounding” projects. Who knows…perhaps one of them will get back to the once familiar darker themes. Having said that, Pacific Rim isn’t all lollipops and unicorn rides, it is not without the death of some main characters, leaving you with a nanogram of humanity floating a drift in a roiling sea of robotic Jaegar parts and atomic Kaiju guts.


This movie has yet to be released and already I’ve heard people groaning over certain plot points but really, until you see it for yourself keep your “Nay Saying” moans to yourself. The reality is you are not going to spend your movie going ducats on last weeks big release “The Lone Ranger” because you are the same Nay Sayers that hate the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise and are probably too cool for Despicable Me 2. So stop being an armchair critic and get off of your Fanboy High Horse til you’ve seen the movie, THEN pitch a bitch.

Gipsy Danger Schematic

Ok, ok…just let me address ONE of the points I’ve heard people grumbling about and that is the fact that the Jaegers needs to be piloted by a two man team.

1)If you consider that a tank is less than the size of a Jaeger’s foot why is it so hard to fathom that a gargantuan robot would need at least two people to pilot it. A modern tank is outfitted with a team of no less than 4 people, a driver, a loader, a gunner and a commander. If you stop and think about it, its even LESS believable that ONLY two people pilot a huge contraption like a Jaeger.

2) What about the ol’ “Hook and Ladder” fire trucks…those need two drivers due to the length of the vehicle. And though they help save lives, they are no where as difficult to pilot as a Jaeger.

Lastly, The Drift or the “Psychic Handshake” that pairs the pilots and allows them to share memories and brain functions causing them to work in simpatico. It is a psychic rapport takes care of all of those “how the hell do they do that” type of questions in the story and it allows two pilots to work together and act as one.

This movie has it all: Mechs, monsters, bone crunching fight scenes, lots of florescent blood, sexual tension, cock blocking rivals, Kaiju guts, explosions, martial arts showdowns, bull dogs, the “Scientists vs the Military” trope that all of these movies have, Ron Perlman and of course the obligatory “Pump Up The Troops” hero speech that always feels so trite, “…today we are canceling the apocalypse.”

Canceling the apocalypse…Really?

I could go into detail and knit pick this thing but why? As in all movies there will be some good and some bad, take it as it comes. Embrace the “Suspension of Disbelief.”

So to answer the question: Does del Toro Deliver?
In a word: You bet your ass!

P.S.  its a movie about MECHS vs MONSTERS…STFU, eat your popcorn and Geek Out!


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