Visit   “Shiny Independent Designs on Super-Great Products – Shipped Worldwide”

As things move with the times, so do trends come and go. You can count the changes in Pop Culture based on the newest trends to arrive and be assimulated into the things we wear and the cool things we tweet and post. I found this awesome little site thanks to a friend on one of those social websites we all use everyday.

Here is what RedBubble says about their company:

– RedBubble is a respectful, supportive and encouraging community of people who are passionate about art and creativity. RedBubble welcomes artists of all experience levels and from all walks of life…
– We ask that you respect the rights of others to have different points of view, different artistic tastes and different standards…
-Above all, we urge you to make the most of your time here by taking part in activities that energise and inspire you.

Redbubble is Creative Marketplace for independent artists and designers from all around the world. All of the items for sale on the site come from the community who are all pretty forward thinking and cutting edge. You can find all manner of design from unique to Geek all in one place. More over if you find a design that you like, odds are pretty good that you can have it slapped onto anything from an Iphone case to a Tshirt.

 One thing that makes Redbubble quite different from the rest of the online Tshirt and accesory sites is the Geek heavy influence and Artistic direction. RedBubble works with a few different suppliers such as UnCommon for iPhone case designs, American Apparel for TShirts silkscreened, and a papermill for printed products. The products are by far some of the coolest things that I would be happy to wear and decorate my apartment with. Check out and the site, I’m sure you’lldig it and you’ll probably find that next great birthday present for a friend.

Visit   “Shiny Independent Designs on Super-Great Products – Shipped Worldwide”

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