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Remember a time when you paid good money to sit down in a nice cozy movie theater and have your heart ripped out of you? Remember a time when your breathe lay still and quiet as every pin fall or sudden movement darted your attention that much more as your heart pounds away? These are the images I bring up to recall the cinematic genius that I as well as any other person, whose dreamed of living in a galaxy far far away or a different time period, has shared.

Now that I bring you to that shared understanding Prometheus stands as another movie going experience to enjoy on many occasion especially on All Hollow’s eve. I’m sure a lot of you have heard both the mixed reviews of friends so far. Also you may have heard of the dismissal or reluctant admittance to the idea of a Prequel conception for this film. Like previously stated if you wish to truly enjoy this film, take none of this into account. There have been many times that I myself have become susceptible to critic review and had my mind set prior to watching a film, to then be livid as I walk away smiling from ear to ear after being thankful for every penny I spent not wasting the last few hours of my life. Do not fall into this category my friends and you will be thankful you didn’t.


Suspense, this is a word that for the most part doesn’t truly come to anyone’s mind when it comes to some of the overall movie fodder that continues to stream out year after year. Now that being said I do heed a warning to all those fans of Sci-fi and in very particularly fans of the great Ridley Scott. Do not bring to mind anything that you’ve seen before of his work or any other Sci-fi and try to come into the theater with no preconceived thoughts or ideas. Just enjoy the movie just as you have from other great films. Sit back. Relax. Grab some snacks from the concession stand, and get back into that childlike state of seeing and instinctively reacting to.

Being a fan of Sci-fi as well as Science, I was constantly getting glimpses that intrigued and made me recall my own imaginative ideas of who we are and where we come from. This film lays out the big questions and never truly fills the complete gaps at the beginning to really leave you guessing and waiting for a final answer. What are the origins of man? Why do we believe? What is it that be do believe in? How far would be go and how strong would we hold on to those beliefs? Ladies and Gents, grab that circle of friends together and go out to the theater on the weekend. After proceed to the nearest Coffee shop and Denny’s to mule over the feast of Geeky intrigue and statements that leave you fat and intellectually stimulated. To give you even better comparisons I’d say imagine a story that touches on character traits and imagery straight out of Greek Mythology with a slice of Ancient Aliens to boot.

Explosions, Action, Reveals, Awe inspiring imagery, Gut wrenching moments, Eye covering, and Revelation. You’ll be doing one of these responses during this film. The best parts of this film are because of the only truly spectacular acting of not only the main cast but also the supporting roles.


Michael Fassbender does it yet again in his role as David. You can remember him most recently as that of Magneto in X-men: First Class and American Nazi Double Agent in Inglorious Bastards directed by Quentin Tarantino.

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David was a character in this film that will make you yell at the screen or murmur to your friends your suspicion/hatred for. Like any great character your perceptions of him will intrigue you and keep you always watching or studying him. These things are the makings of what is an all around good film to spend your summer evening or day watching. The Role of Awesome Super Female Bad ass was actually split between two characters. One being the role of Elizabeth Shaw played by Actress Noomi Rapace and the other Meredith Vickers played by Actress Charlize Theron. One immediately shows off how they get shit done and take names while the other you’ll eventually figure out why. These ladies can pull back their hair and lace up their boots better then any on screen performance by the male cast. The pay off is you become the audience cheerleader like in any great film for your favorite.

I finish with the hope that you’ve taken into consideration my warnings and actually listened. Having watched this film twice so far I can stand up on my milk crate and bark out suggestions. Trust no one and the Truth truly might be out there.