The Zombie Apocalypse – Are You Prepared?!?

ow much time have you spent thinking about this inevitability?? Do you know where to find a weapon in your home? Do you have all

January 31, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs

Official Honda CR-V Commercial “Ferris Bueller” Spoof

Everybody needs a day off now and then, right? “Whew…yup, I said before and I’ll say it again: Life moves pretty fast, if you dont

January 30, 2012 T.V

STAR WARS UNCUT…fan made. May the Fans Be With You!

You think you know and love Star Wars: A New Hope…sure you KNOW it but how much do you LOVE it? Enough to get fans

January 30, 2012 The Spice Run

Embrace Your Inner Geek!

Geek /gēk/ Noun: An unfashionable or socially inept person. While this moniker was once used as an unflattering and derogatory expression in the not-so-distant past,

January 30, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs

Microsoft XboX Kinect Star Wars: Duel. Television Commercial

        Microsoft and Lucas Arts team up to release the Microsoft Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 Chris Pratt from “Parks and Recreation” and “Money ball”

January 26, 2012 Games, T.V, The Spice Run

“Borded To Death!” Here, hit this: Chew, Ex-Machina, Scalped, The Walking Dead

   I read a lot of comics…a LOT of comics. Not everything, but a lot.    Why? Mainly, because I’m bored and I like to

January 26, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Comic Books

GEEK, what a big four letter word…

Geek, what a big four letter word.  Like other four letter words it can be used as a noun, adjective and verb. “Geek” as a

January 25, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs

Sideshow Collectibles puts a “Hex” on us with The Scarlet Witch and Vision Comiquette

ideshow Collectibles never ceases to amaze. Each and every piece they put out I want to own for my very own. To call their products

January 24, 2012 Toys

T.V. – Lightning Strikes as Marvel Entertainment spoofs Volkswagen Commercial with “Lil’ Thor”.

Marvel Entertainment follows up on the success of the Volkswagen of America’s “Darth Vader” commercial by spoofing it with “Lil’ Thor”. Watch and laugh!

January 23, 2012 T.V

“Los Gringos” animated Short from Bonk Pictures

This is certainly an “Oldie but Goodie.”..we came across this movie quite a few years back when it came out in the early/mid 200’s. I

January 21, 2012 Movies

The Spice Run – THE BARK SIDE! New VW Commercial will have you howling!

A canine chorus barks a familiar tune. Keep an eye out for our 2012 Game Day commercial—it will all make sense. Love Star Wars and

January 19, 2012 The Spice Run

GEEK GEAR – “Captain America: The First Avenger” Replica Leather Jacket

Captain America : The First Avenger Leather Jacket Leather Jacket Master.com now has a Leather Motorcycle Jacket that was inspired by the “Captain America :

January 19, 2012 Clothes
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