L.A. Frankenstein

With The Avengers still killing at the box office, and this week’s release of the first behind the scenes picture from the currently shooting Iron Man 3, Mr. Stark is pretty hot right now, so here’s just a single panel of WTF from old Shellhead.

As you can tell by the now familiar names being dropped in there, that’s Tony (Iron Man) Stark and Jim (War Machine) Rhodes strolling off into the sunset after a big fight.

“That’s mighty white of you?!?!?!?!?!?”  I don’t know if I can put enough question marks and exclamation points to properly express my confusion over this panel.  Contemporary white people don’t even use that phrase…It’s like something your 70 year old uncle says to be cross-generationally shock funny.  How is it possible that somebody in the Marvel bullpen of the late 80’s thought to themselves, “We should have a black man say this?”  I half expect to hear Tony Stark fire back “No problem, my-”  Well you get the point…

I assume it’s meant to be funny, but like watching an old Rat Pack movie full of “good naturedly” racist jibes at Sammy Davis Jr, it’s just a bit uncomfortable.


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