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I have been playing The Crash Bandicoot series on my original PlayStation since I was a kid, and now I have been playing (and replaying) “The Wrath of Cortex” on my GameCube. As a die hard Crash fan, this game felt, looked and sounded the same as I remember! Which to my surprise (not really) was very nostalgic and heartwarming.

Sounds: Similarly to all other Crash games, the soundtrack felt and sounded the same. This includes character voices, character noises and action themes which, for me, was fantastic! What I remember most about the original Crash games was the sound Crash made when he jumped on things… thankfully its the same and hasn’t change! Same goes for the aboriginal, tribal acoustics.


Game Play: They added a main portal where you can transport to new adventures/worlds/levels, but besides that change the general atmosphere is very reminiscent of our beloved Wompa Islands in nearly every frame (with a few snowy or watery exceptions). Speaking of new additions, there are a few new vehicles such as a jeep and a submarine, of which, I thought were very easy to learn the mechanics of…which says volumes! There are also some new characters such as penguins and level bosses like Uka Uka, which is Aku Aku’s evil twin mask.

Watch out for that tree!

Also, a welcomed addition to this classic, are tellopads. Assuming you can actually get to them, being they are very well hidden or nearly in-assessable, they do transport Crash or Coco (Crash’s sister whom makes a rebellious cameo) to a different area. Said areas are very indicative of all other bonus lands, which are abundant with extra lives and extra peaches (comparable to coins or other fruits in other games). Similarly, however, Crash can still obtain the original tribal mask for special powers (of which still has the great sound when obtained!) as well as the various amounts of crate and box opportunities for more peaches.


Bad Graphics, this is underwater. I think.

 The Good, the Bad…the Graphics.
The graphics in The Wrath are superior to other Crash games, however are probably considered sub par in comparison to some of the new games out these days. However it surpass 2D or 8bit play.  The stationary camera angle is still an issue to contend with in Wrath, it makes it nearly impossible to see what is ahead if you when moving Crash toward you. However, on the flip side, Naughty Dog’s creator must have had a sense of humor, for when you don’t play Crash at all, but keep him standstill, his attitude changes and becomes comical.



Final Thoughts: In general, The Wrath of Cortex is a very user friendly game, has a wide appeal to many audiences, and is very successful in transporting the player (which isn’t that why we play video games?). However, this particular variation on Crash isn’t as much of a new experience say as other game upgrades, but in my opinion, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! (Just make it better with ice skating penguins!)