This just in from Marvel: Our favorite “Adamantium Clawed Canadian” will be featured in one of four iOS and Android mobile game downloads and will be on sale til May 7th. will have four Pinball Table apps by Hungarian Game Company Zen Studios, for only $0.99! That’s one dollar off of the usual retail price of $ 1.99!

Grab Thor, Captain America and Wolverine from Zen Pinball iTunes at the Itunes store for $0.99 for your iOS device now! If you have an Android device get Thor, Wolverine, Capt. America and the Fantastic Four from Zen Pinball THD and turn your hand held device into a pinball machine!

Are you ready for this bub?” SNIKT

Check out the Trailers and Screen Shots Below!


The Fantastic Four

WATCH THIS! Fantastic Four Trailer


Captain America

WATCH THIS! Captain America Trailer



WATCH THIS! Wolverine Trailer


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