This is certainly an “Oldie but Goodie.”..we came across this movie quite a few years back when it came out in the early/mid 200’s. I loved the movie from the first frame and love it still today. Pat Morita is in it…that enough for me!

An original computer-generated animated short film created by Bonk Pictures, Los Gringos is a parody of a modern day action feature trailer and pays tribute to the Spaghetti Western. This is the story of two unusual heroes whose only ambition is to die with their boots on. One fights for honor the other, for the hell of it! The film features two primary characters and a narrator set in a western town gone bad. Featuring the voices of Pat Morita (The Samurai), Charles Napier (The Gringo), and John Leader (The Narrator)

The Gringo: What kinda man are you?
The Samurai: I was once great samurai warrior. Now, I am on journey of redemption.
The Samurai: You look like filthy animal!
The Gringo: Yeah? At least I wear pants!