Quick name your “Super Power”! Don’t think about it, just say it! Blurt it out…”FLIGHT!”

Of course, some of you more Mutant Power driven Geeks will say Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Teleportation…and sure, some you you Megalomaniacal Egomaniacs will want “Mind Control” but by and large its Flight.

Daedalus and Icarus wanted it, Di Vinci wanted it, the Wright Brothers wanted it…hell, even Dumbo wanted it! Who doesnt want to soar around the heavens like Warren Worthington III  <whispers out of  the corner of my mouth>  “…thats the “Angel”, one of the founding members of the X-men.”

We humans have always dreamed of breaking the chains of gravity and be free to soar on the winds like birds. How many times have we looked up at the clouds and said longingly “I wish I could fly“?

Well, unless my mutant power kicks in I’m just going have to settle for a Boba Fett Rocket Pack…and even then, where the hell am I gonna find that?!

Watch the Promo here:

This turned out to be a promotional stunt designed by  the marketing genius’ over at “thinkmodo” for the up coming film called Chronicle“, due out on Febuary 3rd. The movie stars Michael B. Jordan (“Friday Night Lights,” “Parenthood”), Dane DeHaan (“In Treatment”) and Ashley Hinshaw (“Gossip Girl,” “Fringe”). The movie is about teens who discover they have SUPER POWERS  and what happens to them when the end up abusing their gifts.

Haven’t we learned from Uncle Ben’s proverbial adage: “With great power comes great responsibilities.”
God, pick up a comic book and read!

If this movie turns out to be half as cool as this stunt, then they have already won me over…where’s my ticket?

Watch the Trailer here:

Jet Blaque aka Jet Olano, AlienCyborgs Editor would like the power of invisibility and most likely sneek into the girls locker room!