LEVEL64 COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Detective Comics 23.2

LEVEL64 COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Detective Comics 23.2

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Writer: Matt Kindt

Art by: Neil Googe and Wil Quintana

Cover by: Chris Burnham

Rated: Teen +

Page Count: 48

U.S. Price: $3.99

On Sale Date: Sep 11 2013

Here is a bite sized comic book review done by the guys over at LEVEL64 Entertainment. Every week they check out a few new hand picked titles from all over the Marvel and DC universes, and tell us what they think. We would like to hear what you think. Drop us a comment or leave a voice message and we will read it on our next podcast!

LEVEL64 COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Detective Comics 23.2 (Harley Quinn#1)

REVIEW: Harley, Harley, Harley. Last we saw of our beloved Harleen Quinzel she was out of the U.S Goverment sanctioned super villian team, “Suicide Squad.

We catch up with her sitting on a ledge overlooking the city, recounting her life before and after she met “good ol’ Mista J”, from the terrible treatment at the hand of her parents to her employment at Arkham Asylum. This comic is what a Batman or Harley fan would really enjoy. There is a lot of reminiscing going on here but it is told so well that you see it all blend into one great story.

I found myself intrigued when Harley gives out video games to kids and then blows them up to get Joker’s attention.

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This issue is a great one and if you can find it on comic shelves, PICK IT UP!
~ review by LEVEL64 

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