Game: Saints Row Series
Lesson: Love Thy Neighbor…then use them as a Human Shield if a gun fight breaks out!

Saints Row 3: Human Shield "Love thy neighbor"

I don’t know about y’all, but I can become a bit of an achievement whore when playing some Xbox games. Not every game, mind you. But Saints Row: The Third definitely fell into this category for me. While there are certainly a plethora of different types of games that appeal to me, SR3 enchants me in a way that few other games do. By and large I’ve found that sometimes you just need to fuck shit up. And nothing does that better than SR3!

But even while interesting me on a very primal level, I’ve found that this game has taught me a valuable lesson: If you and I are ever surrounded by cops, thugs or other unsavory sorts and are about to have a shoot-out …. You better bet that I’m using you as a human shield! It’s like cover on-the-go! Grabbing a bad guy or bystander in a dicey situation has saved me more than a few times in-game. As a girl, there are many nuances related to strategy and destruction that I had never thought about in the ‘before time’ – the years prior to my discovery of video games. Considered the softer, gentler side of the human race, women just aren’t reared to think about things like why finding cover is important. Or the many ways in which this can be accomplished. So for me, this was a revelation of sorts.

Many folks look at video games as harbingers of real life violence. Like because little Timmy plays Halo or Call of Duty that he is then going to try and reenact his virtual exploits IRL.(In Real Life…Ed. Note) I like to think we are moving away from these extreme notions. But I contend that video games can also teach us useful stuff too.

So what is this girl walking away with? With you by my side (or in front of me, as it were), I am 10 times more likely to survive a barrage of bullets. But just so you know, I’d never forget you after that 😉

Note: 5 virtual points if you know why this lesson is called Love Thy Neighbor ;P

SR3 Usual Suspects