4 simple rules: 1) Do not expose mogwai to bright lights 2) Do not get a mogwai wet. 3) Do not feed a mogwai after midnight. And the last and most important rule…DO NOT REMAKE GREMLINS!


We just learned that Hollywood is going to remake another of our (for those of us over 30) childhood favorites…Gremlins. Warner Bros. is moving forward with its long whispered about Gremlins Project but they are going to forego the idea of a sequel and moving straight to a remake! 

Hmmm…Gremlins in 3D?

As of yet there is no director who is attached to the project but David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are on board as the project’s producers. David Katzenberg’s (son of legendary Jeffery katzenberg) will be producing this film along side of Seth Grahame-Smith who is known for his recent works as a script writer penning the “fang in cheek” remake of Dark Shadows with Tim Burton and another recent vampire movie: “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. It is also rumored that Grahme-Smith has just finished a draft for another childhood favorite, BeetleJuice.

This is one we will be keeping a close eye on. As it stands I am not one to bash a Hollywood Remake, nor am I one of those “THEY RAPED MY CHILDHOOD” idiots. I am always down for a remake, I like to see if Hollywood can do something better or at least just as good as the original. Call me hopeful or just stupid but thats just who I am. So, as always I will keep my usual stance and say: “I can’t say if its going to suck, I haven’t seen it yet. Lets just wait and see.” For those of you who DON’T know about Gremlins, please watch the trailer below.




Source: Bloody Disgusting

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