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I am not sure about you folks but I have been anticipating a joy ride encore from our pal Johnny Blaze since 2007. But was this epilogue hitch on the bitch seat worth the wait? If you are unfamiliar with this sequel, Nicholas Cage plays the devilishly hotheaded Johnny Blaze who has been cursed by ole Lucifer himself to be the “Devils Bounty Hunter”. In “Vengeance”, Blaze teams up with a  formerly contracted Prince of Darkness dissident named “Nadya” (Italian actress Violante Placido) and the rogue, wine-loving monk “Moreau” (Idris Elba). Moreau is from an ancient religious sect who has promised Blaze the dismissal of his curse in return for the protection of a young boy.

“I’m gonna say yes! Hell yes!”
~ Johnny Blaze

Did the Hellfire, fizzle?

It was a grand, Blazing 1.6 hour ride (pun woefully intended) through muddy one liners, predictable comic book style garishness, and a hint of Rosemary’s Baby meets Hot-wheels. The plot was thick with mindlessness and obscene paired with subpar acting and effects (but in its defense, anything with fire and giant rockets is badass).  However, this flaming hot mess is exactly the kind of guilty pleasure that this Marvel lover was craving! What would make this en fuego flick even more tantalizing would be a mash up with the Avengers. Assemble… with Ghost Rider… Kickass!

So on the Aurillia movie scale of 0-5, where zero equals Lame-o Blame-o and five equals Epicness, I overall rate this movie at a 3. It gets points for the wicked use of fire, pyrotechnics and explosives, however it looses points for its predictability and mediocre acting.