Geeks Speak Geek Podcast: 07.17.12 Peter Poops!

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High Lights:
1:22 Intros, babble and give aways
7:50 God of War
10:15 Frenzy Rumble Makes Handmade Transformers
15:30 Fucking Car Alarms
16:20 Movie out of Board Games
18:40 Ouija The Movie
25:35 Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer
27:05 Anthony Macky to play The Falcon In Capt America Winter Solider
38:00 The Man with the Iron Fist Trailer
39:30 Legos Rankor Pit
40:30 Magic Kingdom Droid Factory
41:30 Geek Girls Supergirl and  R2D2 bathing suit
43:02 LOBO Movie
45:50 Peter Poops
49:25 Peewee Dark Knight trailer
49:36 Human v Predator v Alien Who Wins
59:15 The Great and Powerful Oz Trailer
1:07:30 Matt and Cat Have Back Issues