As always when the news of a major game update is announced and a  “rebalancing” to the fighting system is going to be made, you can’t help but clinch the proverbial butthole at how badly they are going to NERF* your hard earned level 50 character and that maybe now would be a good time to make that server move you’ve been thinking about…Being a veteran of the MMORPG and going through many a eff’d up re-balance I was expecting not to be too happy the morning of April 12th when my normal early morning log on to that Galaxy far, far away was thwarted by the long awaited game 1.2 Update… Oh uh…well, first, let me say that this article as always is my opinion on the game as I play it. Your experience might be completely different based on class and character so again, sorry if its not this way for you but all I can say is “EFF YEAH!!!”

Allocate points to unlock special skills and abilities!

For once I wasn’t on the bitch end of a re-balance, and if I am, BioWare did a brilliant job at fooling me into thinking otherwise! First, the major changes they made were to some of the higher level secondary skill sets. These skill sets are a tree where you can allocate points that you earn by gaining level in the game. This gives your character different attributed i.e. +10% Critical Chance, or A attack skill that does 800-2000+DMG. Because these are hard earned skills that make your character unique Blizzard did right by the player and reset all of the skill points, allowing you to re-allocate them again with the new changes in mind. I actually did change mine quite a bit. This is a feature that is available in the game but at a cost.

Can I slice it open and get inside???

Second, the new content is always a plus but also they released low level weapons and crystals giving your avatar an even more customizable appearance both physically AND aesthetically. A new feature is available to make the items that you have equipped match the color scheme of the armor you are wearing. Give your character a less of a miss matched more uniformed appearance.  Also released to players who had an active subscription at the time of 1.2 Release a free Vanity pet Taun Taun-I’m not to familiar with wtf a “Vanity Pet” is but can only assume it does nothing, lol. But hey, thanks! There was a hint on the main site that there are also some other eggs scattered about planets and that incubation was necessary…but details as of the time of the writing of this article are vague.

So you get your nose from your mom and your lekku from your dads side…

Also was the release of the Legacy System, a family tree type system where new characters you create on the server “inherit” traits of other characters you’ve created on that server. By the looks of it one of the perks of using the Legacy system is being able to unlock special skills and races, man…this game is getting DEEP!!! When I first logged in after the update, I had a quick mission to finish up on a planet, then I flew up the main Imperial Fleet Hangar to level up some skills…Imagine to my surprise as I’m reading details on what new buffs I’m getting my avatar starts to convulse and shake violently. Totally took me by surprise! It ended after a few seconds but I noticed I had an effect on me, “You are feeling Nauseas” I left it alone for a little while but while upgrading some lightsaber components I became physically ill again, this time I was hit with a fever and a warning to seek treatment soon. Apparently I had caught a bit of Raghkoul Plague while I was on the planet’s surface and there is currently and outbreak Galaxy wide. A temporary vaccine is available but fair warning to any would be space travelers…There’s something going around!

Next as a thank you to veteran players with a character level 50, a free 30 days of play. I do believe there may be some special circumstances to some players who might not have a level 50, but details are hard to come by at the moment and no more has been said other then you will be contacted if you “Qualify”…cross your fingers but again, for this game (Bishop stands up in his underwear and begins a slow clap) Bravo BioWare and LucasArts!!!! Thank you for the free game time and to whoever does get it..say “THANK YOU!” Being employed by a MMORPG before I know how much a “free” subscription move like this logistically costs and its not a dollar amount to turn a nose at, think about it, million subscribersx$14.99per month (American)=Lucas doesn’t get another gold plated toilet this month!! So yea, thank you! And as if that wasn’t generous enough they are having a welcome back event for veteran players and a free week to any players who are interested in trying out the game! Such generosity from the man in the ivory tower! j/k love ya papa Lucas!!

I can actually SEE AND USE all my skills at the same time!

All-in-all the dust is still settling from the update. A few bugs, like not loading a portion of the world after the patch resulting in the player logging into nothing- ness, causing an additional 6 hours of delay and a few server downtimes for minor fixes are still happening from time to time, but not bad enough to be seen as a negative. The content is solid; the world event is cool, adding new levels of GUI customization make the game a lot more enjoyable and easy to play, I can actually see all my skill son screen at once and its not overwhelming!!! The world event does bring you more into the galactic story and gives more complete experience. The new items and instances are refreshing and seem worthwhile! I still highly recommend picking up this game!!! If you have any friends who are playing it, ask them to send you a free invite so you can check it out for yourself! And as always, May the Force Be With You!!!

*(NERF(Neerf)=Verb:  1) In reference to gaming; To make a previously strong thing like an avatar in a game or weapon, weak; by changing game mechanics to “balance” that item against previously weaker items, directly affecting the performance of the player or said item. 2) a cow like mammal in the Star Wars universe)-Bishop