From Hoverboards to the Na’vi to the Borg and beyond! The IGN Sci-fi timeline

Check out the very cool Sci-Fi Time Line that IGN put out today. It has everything from the VERY beginning, as far back as 4,000,000 years BCE in 2001 A Space Odyssey all the way to the year 802701 when Guy Peirce hits fast forward on his time machine.

The weird thing is that there in no mention of Star Wars but upon second glance I think it if because this is dealing with Humans and/or Dealing with Humans from EARTH! Seeing how there are no Earthlings mentioned anywhere in Star Wars…it didn’t rate enough to mention!

The IGN Sci-fi Timeline

None the less this is a very interesting and easy read…probably because its mostly pictures! Check it out HERE!

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