Who doesn’t love Zan and Jayna aka the Wonder Twins from D.C Comics animated T.V. Show “The Super Friends”? How many times in your life have you uttered the phrase: “Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form of a _________!” And thats the part where you fill in the blank with whatever it is you needed at the moment. Be it a “Zagmorian Rock Ape” or a ” Double Fisted Ice Dildo”…dont ask.

Well Cartoon Network, one of our all time favorite networks, started using older animations in their new T.V. Commercials. This one start by stating that Cartoon Network offers a forum for editorials and opinions of some our favorite Cartoon Stars. This starts off  with Jayna and Zan introducing themselves as the Wonder Twins, Super Heros from an alien planet who have the super powers that allow them to mutate in other objects or animals. Then they invoke the famous fist dapping “Wonder Twins” line “Wonder Twin Powers Activate!” Jayna then turns herself  into a fierce looking green alien tiger while Zan only turns into a “lame bucket of water”…from there it just gets funnier and funnier.

Zan stops the commercial and wonders why the hell he can only mutate into something “…lame like ice, I’m always a wave or a puddle?!”, which embarrasses Jayna. Zan then goes on lamenting about his whack “super power” and states how he can get “..beaten by a sponge…and it doesnt even have to be an evil sponge!”

The camera then cuts to the Legion of Doom and quickly cuts to a close up of an “Evil Sponge” ….AWESOME!

At this point Jayna is just too embarrassed to go on and starts to stalk off stage, leaving a mad bucket of water on the stage. As the commercial comes to an end, the off camera announcer goes on to say that “the opinons of this editorial are not necessaily those of Cartoon Network” The commercial ends with an old stage hand plunging an old mop into the still complaining bucket of “Zan Water”…as he yells “Hey!”

Genius…plain genius.  I dont know HOW many times in my youth I thought “Boy, is he ever LAME! What a suckie power!”

I’m glad Cartoon Network honed in on that too!

Watch the Cartoon Network Commercial :


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