Its is absolutley no secret that we are HUGE Star Wars fans over here at the Alien Cyborgs Secret Hideout. So when this story came across to us we just had to see if it was true. Watch Video Now!

Wrong Band

Flash Mobs are nothing new, you’ve seen them a million times on Youtube and even in T.V. Commercials. Its usually the same old recipe: Take one part busy setting like a train station or Time Square, then add one solitary person with a boom box. Play music loudly and watch as the solitary person begins to dance, wait 10 seconds and add two more dancers who “magically” appear out of the crowd. Wait another 10 seconds and add even more magic dances, stir occasionally until interest is piqued. Look for people with camera phones and then wait a few more seconds and add even more dancers. Continue to add magic dancers to suit your taste or having achieved the desired effect. Then suddenly disperse leaving a befuddled and amazed crowd.


This is not all that different but instead of dancers the WDR Symphony Orchestra from Cologne, Germany organized an “Orchestral” Flash Mob  using musicians. First a conductor stands on a box and waves his baton in front of a solitary trumpet player, then before too long he is joined by a complete Brass section. Suddenly they are joined the winds and strings and finally the percussion section joins to surprise and tickle the unsuspecting crowd at Wallraf Square in Cologne, Germany.

I know its an often used and probably an all together tired expression…but I thought it was EPIC! Hey, what do you want from me? I LOVE Star Wars and I’m not ashamed of it.

John Williams must be proud.




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