Its finally here, the Official Red Band Trailer for the Evil Dead Remake, called what else…The Evil Dead. This is a Sam Raimi approved remake of his 1981 cult classic by the same name and is produced by his company Ghost House Pictures. This movie is being directed by Fede Alvarez a Uruguayan Film Maker who we first noticed on Youtube in 2009 with his short film Panic Attack. His short film where giant robots invade earth, a must see for any sci-fi enthusiast. Panic Attack is a far cry from this horror blood-bath that promises to deliver.

You will be the judge on this movie, but you will not be screwed on this one 
Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead Producer

At the 2012 New York Comic Con, producer Bruce Campbell who is not in this project goes on to defend the remake and legitimizes it by saying: “…we know what you need, you need horror with blood flowing down the street. We know you need it.” He also assuages our fears by saying: “This is for the fans, we’re not some random cigar-chomping producer looking for a horror movie to remake. This is our baby.”

Lets hope you DO know what we need Bruce, because I am hearing a lot of buzz from Raimi fans who are perplexed as to why remake the cult classic in the first place. None the less you can bet that we will be there to see the blood bath and report on it and get fan reactions. Speaking of fan reactions watch the video below to see how fans react at the New York Comic Con 2012.

Producer Bruce Campbell,  Jane Levy and Director Fede Alverez at New York Comic Con 2012



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