– Q: How do I join in and become a Contributing Editor?

A: That’s simple all you have to do is post comments from time to time and then send us an email saying: “Hey guys, I want to be an Alien Cyborgs Guest Editor!” At that time we will ask you for a sample article and if it are up to snuff we will post them on the site! If  you still want to be part of us, we will move you up to Contributing Editor and tell you the location to the “Secret Hideout”! Once you are a “Contributing Editor”  you will be  able to post without the Editor-In-Chief looking over your article, you will work autonomous and on your own! Once that happens you are an Alien Cyborg eligible for all the perks and benefits that go along with the title! (ummm…when you find out what that is, would you let US know too!)

– Q: Do I need to use a Disclaimer when posting articles/blogs with company names and popular products?

A: You sure as hell do! You want your props, so do they! Here is a loose disclaimer that we are using:

“All Images, Logos, Characters, Trademarks and I.Ps are property of  “_______” and are not owned by Aliencyborgs.com”

Let say you were doing an article on “Mario” from the Game Series “Mario Bros.” from Nintento, in the blank would be “Nintendo” and any other company that its mentioned in your blog. Example: If you were doing a piece on the game “Saints Row 3”, in the disclaimer you would have to add THQ and Microsoft if you mentioned XboX, since XboX is a Microsoft Product. Get it? Do a little homework so that way we know that you are legit and it lets other readers know that you know what you are talking about.
Default Disclaimer:

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