First look at EVIL DEAD trailer from N.Y COMIC-CON 2012

Give the video a few seconds there is lots of black in the beginning

We all know that Sam Raimi is rebooting “EVIL DEAD”…and why not? Its his to begin with but the old adage stands: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” should apply.

None the less, Sam showed off the trailer for “EVIL DEAD” at the the New York City Comic Con that occurred October 11-14th 2012.

There have been reports that the video has been leaked online. I know currently has a post up but the embedded video is not available…which, really bummed us out.

After slinking around the dark corners of the internet we found some footage taken from NY Comic Con by a fan who recorded the trailer on a mobile device. The image isn’t the best but you can certainly tell what is going on.

Whatever the case maybe the trailer seems to have won over the crowd and that delights us. As usual when it comes to remakes we are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst! Please give it a watch and as usual we welcome all comments, questions and concerns.

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video via Tiny Pic
Source via: Cinema Blend and io9

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