Alien Cyborgs is getting rid of some of our old comic books and instead of trying to sell em on by one and haggling over prices…we’ve just decided to give em’ away to you! Some are in great condition and some of them…well, lets just say that they have been very loved and read over the years. But hey, whaddya want fer free?!

Alright, all you have to do become eligible to win the “DC FINAL CRISIS TRADE HARD COVER” is:

  • LIKE the Facebook Page click HERE
  • LIKE the Post
  • COMMENT on the Post
  • SHARE the post on your page!

Follow those steps to be eligible for the DC COMIC BOOK GIVE AWAY and we will mail it to you FREE of Charge!


Fine Print!

ALL ENTRANTS MUST BE IN BY  midnight on 06/16/12 no later. Any entrants must posted after midnight on 08/03/12 will not be eligible. The Winner will be chosen randomly. The winners name will be announced on and the FB Page. IF the winner does not contact us within 48 hrs (2 days) of posting the winners, your claim will be forfeited and be given to the next eligible contestant! AlienCyborgs also asks that you provide a picture of yourself with your prize to post on the site, not a bad trade! We will pay for shipping too. Its all here in black and white SO NO WHINING!