Blizzard just announced a Diablo III Open Beta Weekend! Starting today players who have a valid account and join in and put the game through the ringer by playing the game, putting it through a stress test and maybe try to crash it. Doesn’t Blizzard have a QA Team for that?

Anyway, at 12:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time on April 20th, thats “High Noon” on 420 just in case you were wondering… you can log in and play to your little black heart’s content!

So go to the DIABLO III site, download the Client, create a account and become a “Stress Test Participant”!

The Details

– What is the the difference between a “Stress Test Participant” vs a ” Closed Beta Tester” is?
– Can I play from my Country or Region?
– What is I get laggy and disconnect?
– What if I have issues…will Customer Support be available?

Go to or just click here to find out all the deets!



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