Devious Studios: Body Painting on another level

Georgette Pressler from Devious Studios based out of West Palm Beach, Florida, released some pictures of one her latest creations. She replicated Marvel Comics Venom with body paint and it really caught our eye.

Mixing body paint and the human form Georgette was able to create the illusion of Venom and did it very well! Art and the human form…whats not to love? Devious Body Art provides a fully mobile makeup and body paint service for events, parties, photo shoots, and fashion shows. Professional artists and talented photographers available.

Personal Information from the Devious Body Art Facebook Page: “My name is Georgette and I have been a face and body makeup artists for over 12 years. This is my passion and my career. When i paint for an event, whether it be a private party or a nationally televised show, my dedication and attention to quality are always the same. You want the best for your money… and i want to provide that to you. Maybe you’re not sure how you can incorporate body paint into your next function? Feel free to call. I’m happy to discuss your ideas and help fit Devious Body Art into your event plans.”

To see more of Georgette and DEVIOUS STUDIOS amazing work from the Sexy to the Sublime to the Scary visit their website HERE!

Check just some of the art in the gallery below.

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