Comic Book Sneak Peek: New Paradigm Studio’s “Watson and Holmes”

"Waston and Holmes" art by Rick Leonardi

New Paradigm Studios presents a modern urban reinterpretation of Sherlock Holmes

Watson and Holmes
Created by: Brandon Perlow and Paul Mendoza
Script by: Karl Bollers
Pencils by: Rick Leonardi
Colors by: Paul Mendoza
Letters and Production: Taylor Esposito
Senior Editor: Justin Gabrie

We love the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and we love the characters that he has brought to life, they are so engrained in our modern psyche that even a name so uncommon as Sherlock had been adopted in common parlance.

The characters have been so popular that I can’t think of a time when Sherlock Holmes hasn’t graced the big screen or the small screen for that matter in some form or fashion.

Many a great British actors have appeared in the role of Sherlock from the South African Born Basil Rathbone in the 1940s who made the role famous to Peter Cushing and Sir Christopher Lee. More recently the BBC had a hit show starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a modernize version of the Grand Sleuth.

  Hugh Laurie plays brilliant medical doctor “Gregory House” who has many parallels to Sherlock Holmes in the prime time television hit HOUSE.

There have also been an American or two to reprise the role… such greats as Daffy Duck and more recently by the incomparable Robert Downey jr. who some think * “…isn’t Holmes-y enough but more of an action hero.”

* L.A. Frankenstein does not approve of the RDjr. Holmes citing that he more of an action star than a sleuth.

I’m just surprised it hasn’t been done before. I find a lot of people I tell this to, say the same thing.
- Brandon Perlow Co-Creator

Comic Book Sneak Peek: New Paradigm Studio’s “Watson and Holmes”

New Paradigm Studios offering promises something a bit fresher, more modern with an “Urban” feel. After speaking briefly with Co-creator Brandon Perlow about the project, I find myself wanting to know more but I have to remind myself that I have to take every new creation on it own merit and not compare it to the previous work of someone else.

Master comic book artists Rick Leonardi is driving the pencil onto paper, with his seasoned style of artistic flair backing up comic writer/creator Karl Bollers‘ intriguing plot “Watson & Holmes” is sure deliver.

I for one am excited to read the new spin on Doyle’s old fave. I’m sure that fellow Alien Cyborg, L.A. Frankenstein will also keep his eyes on this project as Sherlock ranks high on his list of  literary favorites.

Preliminary sketch for cover art

Alien Cyborgs Exclusive: Original preliminary sketch of the cover art for “Watson and Holmes’ by Rick Leonardi

Comic Book Sneak Peek: New Paradigm Studio’s “Watson and Holmes”

New Paradigm Studios is a New York based comic book company
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