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Kyle Higgins,
Christos Gage
Art by:
Thony Silas,
Iban Coello
Cover by: Sean Murphy
Variant Cover by: Raphael Albuquerque
Rated: Teen
Page Count: 48
U.S. Price: 3.99
On Sale Date: Aug 21 2013


Here is a bite sized comic book review done by the guys over at LEVEL64 Entertainment. Every week they check out a few new hand picked titles from all over the Marvel and DC universes, and tell us what they think. We would like to hear what you think. Drop us a comment or leave a voice message and we will read it on our next podcast!

LEVEL64 COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman Beyond Universe #1

REVIEW: Okay poll time, who watched the Batman Beyond animated series? Is your hand up? Mine is for sure. If you watched that show you’d see a lot of references and art style paralled in this book. I for one haven’t read any “Beyond” comics so I had high hopes for for this one. When we first open this book we are introduced to all the aged Bat-Family. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing), Bruce (Batman, DUH), and several new members the Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

The main highlight that I found interesting in this comic was the reveal of who caused the mayor’s heart attack. I found this book merely, okay. I expected some crazy bat-story but instead got an introduction to the life of Terry McGinnis and everyone who knows about his secret Bat-life of “The Traveling Cowl” (sorry, I had to go with it).


While showing the new Gotham, Arkham, and school Terry attends I thought this could’ve been one of the New 52’s #0 books if that was being done. I do believe that this series will build up though, as Bat-titles always do…but for now I’m unsure of what I like in this issue. So let me ask again, Who watched Batman Beyond? ~LEVEL64

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