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MOGA BLUETOOTH ANDROID GAME CONTROLLER  Alien Cyborgs will be giving away one MOGA POCKET CONTROLLER every week for the month of March. That gives you

March 04, 2014 Games, Giveaways, Tech
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Iphone 5 iFrenzy Pasadena Apple Store

Alien Cyborgs is on site  at the pasadena Apple Store on colorado blvd. Its 6:58 am and already there are news vans, police and people

September 20, 2013 Events, Tech
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LG traumatizes would be job applicants by setting up one of its 84 inch ULTRA HD T.V.s  in a fake office to look like a

September 05, 2013 Tech, Video Of The Week
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Call Alien Cyborgs and Leave a Damn Voice Message!

Call Alien Cyborgs at (213) 538-2286 and leave a voice mail and we will play it on the podcast! Have you ever wanted to comment

October 15, 2012 Tech
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Remembering Steve

The loss of another Childhood Hero Originally posted by MemZee 10/07/11 Written one year ago…MemZee reflects on the loss of some important people in his

October 05, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Tech
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Vulcan Ear Phone Case for your Iphone!

Graphicspals has a shop over at and they specialize in making cool Vulcan ear Star Trek cases for your Iphone 4 and 4s. (As

September 25, 2012 Tech
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RedBubble in the Hizzy!

Visit   ”Shiny Independent Designs on Super-Great Products – Shipped Worldwide” s things move with the times, so do trends come and go. You can

February 07, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Tech
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USB “Nintendo” PC Game Pad by Buffalo

  Who doesn’t love the Old Nintendo NES? The Old Gray and Black game console, the classic controller…the “Magic Nintendo Blow” to get the dust

January 18, 2012 Games, Tech
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128 GB on the TIP of your finger!

128 gb on the tip of your finger  Intel and Micron have jointly developed the first 128GB multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash device using 20-nanometer

December 16, 2011 Tech
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