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Call Alien Cyborgs and Leave a Damn Voice Message!

Call Alien Cyborgs at (213) 538-2286 and leave a voice mail and we will play it on the podcast! Have you ever wanted to comment

October 15, 2012 Tech
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New Lego Memory Game: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! New Lego Memory Game

New Lego Memory Game: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! New Lego Memory Game   As far as I can remember (and its not really that

October 05, 2012 Toys
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Remembering Steve

The loss of another Childhood Hero Originally posted by MemZee 10/07/11 Written one year ago…MemZee reflects on the loss of some important people in his

October 05, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Tech
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Vulcan Ear Phone Case for your Iphone!

Graphicspals has a shop over at and they specialize in making cool Vulcan ear Star Trek cases for your Iphone 4 and 4s. (As

September 25, 2012 Tech
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Interview: Custom Toy Maker “FrenzyRumble” talks toys!

Interview: Custom Toy Maker “FrenzyRumble” talks toys! Forward by Ram Olaño  ”Maybe because it was the time, maybe because it was my age, maybe because they

September 01, 2012 Artists, Toys
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Featured Artist: Freehand Profit “All Day I Dream About Stormtroopers”

Featured Artist: Freehand Profit “All Day I Dream About Stormtroopers” Let me start by saying, I’ve seen a my fair share of Star Wars themed

June 23, 2012 Artists, Clothes, The Spice Run
Featured Post_Toy Air Swimmer 2

Air Sharks?!?! Air Swimmers Flying Radio Controlled Sea Life!

I first saw these sweet lil’ things in the gift shop of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. I saw the shark and of

April 23, 2012 Toys
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Star Wars Hooded Terry Velour Robe – Choose your side!

Just for you Star Wars fans out there, has some Jedi and Sith Hooded Terry Valour Robes so you can lounge around your house

April 22, 2012 Clothes, The Spice Run
Dick Clark 0

America’s Oldest Teenager Dies at 82!

Dick Clark was one of those individuals who you could never imagine dying. “Americas Oldest teenager” was dubbed so because he never seemed to age!

April 19, 2012 T.V
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Doomsday…Are You REALLY  Ready???

lesh Eating Zombies, Alien Invasion, Plague, Asteroid, or the whole damn thing just blows up! Whatever you believe, we all have an idea of what

February 21, 2012 T.V
Hoverboards...FINALLY! Now where are my Flying Cars!! 0

Back to the Future Hoverboards? FINALLY!

e all know the story, Doc Brown appears from the future to Marty Mcfly and his girlfriend telling them that they gotta go to the

February 14, 2012 Toys
Phone Case RedBubble 0

Wear it Proud and say it Loud, STAR WARS!

If your a fan of anything Geek or Sci-fi related you can relate to seeing a T-shirt or accessory on someone walking by that is

February 09, 2012 Clothes, The Spice Run
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