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What video games mean to me

ts not just their ability to transport you to worlds where you can fight evil humanoid playing card soldiers, nor is it, their ability to

February 22, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Games

Life Lessons I Learned From Video Games: Mario Bros. before Hoes

Game: The Mario Series Lesson: Bros. Before Hoes Come again?? How many times have you beaten Bowser only to be told: Thank you Mario! But

February 22, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Games

Spyro+Pokemon+Hero Clicks=SKYLANDERS!!!

o this Christmas I was walking with my 10 year old son through the local Best Buy doing some last minute shopping when a shiny

February 04, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Games

In a Galaxy, in my underwear, for 8 hours straight…

Ok, so its a few weeks late but I like to do that intentionally when it comes to these “blockbuster” releases. I hate server and

February 04, 2012 AlienCyborg Blogs, Games, The Spice Run

Microsoft XboX Kinect Star Wars: Duel. Television Commercial

        Microsoft and Lucas Arts team up to release the Microsoft Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 Chris Pratt from “Parks and Recreation” and “Money ball”

January 26, 2012 Games, T.V, The Spice Run

USB “Nintendo” PC Game Pad by Buffalo

  Who doesn’t love the Old Nintendo NES? The Old Gray and Black game console, the classic controller…the “Magic Nintendo Blow” to get the dust

January 18, 2012 Games, Tech

Vintage Video Games – JOUST

   Joust is an arcade game developed by Williams Electronics and released in 1982. It is a platform game that features two-dimensional (2D) graphics. The

December 17, 2011 Games
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