To become eligible for to win a chance “BIOSHOCK INFINITE” developed by Irrational Games for the XBOX360

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Give Away Rules:

1) You MUST “LIKE” the Alien Cyborgs Facebook Page! Those of you who are members of the page are already half way there!

2) You MUST “SHARE” the “”BIOSHOCK INFINITY” Promo Graphic on your page!

3) You MUST get a friend to “LIKE” the Alien Cyborgs Facebook page to become eligible! For every friend that you get to LIKE the page it gives you another chance to win!

4) Lastly, YOU MUST message us VIA THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW and tell us the name of the “CONFIRMED” friend that has LIKED the Alien Cyborgs Facebook Page.

Congrats, YOU are now eligible for a chance to win…but your friend is NOT! If He/She wants a chance to win, He/She must repeat the steps above! They must now get another friend to “LIKE” and SHARE the Alien Cyborgs Facebook page. Then they must message us via Facebook with a name of the “CONFIRMED” friend who has LIKED the Alien Cyborgs Facebook Page.…and so on and so on and so on! Deadline midnight 04/01*/13. Winner announce within 48 hrs.

Just follow the rules and don’t worry about anything else, if you win we will send out your prize free of charge…you won’t even have to pay for postage and handling!


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