Hopefully the upcoming “Hunter S. Thompson/Dr. Gonzo” reference won’t be wasted on anyone who reads this, just in case I recommend you read ”Fear and Loathing in Vegas” (if you haven’t already or at least seen the movie).

I grew up as a kid reading Disney Comics back they were published by Gladstone. One day in the 80’s however, one of my friends gave me an issue of a Classic X-Men reprint from that moment I was hooked and officially became a “Marvel Guy” (as opposed to DC.)

Throughout the years, whether it was pertaining to their writing and drawing the quality of comic production has had its ups and downs.  Perhaps it was just personal preference, but as I matured I realized that reading directly from the “Big Two” was stunting my enjoyment of the medium, and when I decided to write my own comic…well, at that point I just became a snob. Anyway, while I still enjoy the stalwarts such as X-Men, Avengers, Justice League or what have you; I was forced to branch out to other genres in the comics industry to fulfill my hunger for sustenance.

“So as your attorney I suggest you take a hit of…”

The Boys
Written by: Garth Ennis
Illustrated by: Darick Robertson
Published by Dynamite Entertainment

Since WWII, mega conglomerate “Vought American” has been making super heroes who are corrupt, steeped in celebrity, sensationalism and debauchery. The CIA has “The Boys” to keep them in check, who by the way have their own personal agenda in doing so. Imagine The A-Team meets Fist of the North Star (if punching people through the chest is your bag). I thought the first couple of story arcs were a bit too gratuitous for my tastes, but this is Garth Ennis we’re talking about and this was the attempt to “out-Preacher Preacher”.  Once I got over my bullshit and was sixty-two issues into the series (which should be wrapping up by issue seventy four) I’ve found that I been thoroughly entertained and intrigued.  “The Boys” isn’t as shallow as I make it sound, all the main character are very well developed and relatable as seen through the eyes of the main protagonists Wee Hughie and Billy Butcher.


Written by: Mark Waid
Current  Artist: Marcio Takara
Published by: Boom! Studios

This is actually the companion title of the primary book Irredeemable.  Irredeemable is about a Superman arch-type named “The Plutonian” who goes “bat shit” when his secret identity is revealed.  The Plutonian then goes on a crazy kill spree against heroes and villains alike. Frankly, I’ve seen this bit before and the novelty only last as longs the first story arc (still entertaining  mind you); but Incorruptible goes the polar opposite direction. Super villain “Max Damage” reforms after The Plutonian wages war against life in general and becomes a Hero. Max tries to convince a police lieutenant and the Plutonian’s former girlfriend …who was always a constant target of Max, that he’s turned to the side of angels (in his own no-nonsense style). I like this part of the Irredeemable Universe better, because Max goes through more personal arcs in the story as he finds that being hero isn’t as easy as it looks.

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