Flesh Eating Zombies, Alien Invasion, Plague, Asteroid, or the whole damn thing just blows up! Whatever you believe, we all have an idea of what MIGHT happen in “the end”. Well, these people have taken thinking about the end of the world, and moved it to the top of their Action-Item List! Not only do they have plans, but many are in deep execution mode on getting themselves prepped for whatever Doomsday has in store…hence


   National Geographic has taken to both the urban and rural habitats of some pretty hardcore Americans in this new reality TV Show! They document the efforts that some families and even neighborhoods have gone through in order to survive and out-live the apocalypse…I never knew how much 3 months worth of water looked like before…I am WAY Under prepared! Seeing what these people are going through makes me feel a lot better about having my Zombie/Alien Invasion Apocalypse plan, but seeing JUST  how much more dedicated these people are, I may need to step my game up a bit! Like a LOT A BIT!

“If the grocery shelves are empty, you are only nine meals away from anarchy.” – Mike


Do you know what to do if the “Big One” hits, would you be prepared? Check out this guy:

 Overall this is a great way to spend your time in front of the TV and it’s got some really great hints as to what to expect “if” something were to go down. I know I’m prepared for zombies and aliens myself…but living in LA, I should probably stock up on some more ammunition, k-rations, and water in case the big one does hit.

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