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  This Weeks Topics:

– Birthdays 4:30 min.
– Sports 5 min.
– Batman Brave and the Bold: Animated Scooby Doo and Batman kick much ass! 10 min.

– Battle of the Planets: Jet’s all time FAVORITE Animated Property! 13 min.

– Jessica Alba:  Dark Angel 15 min.
– Hugh Jackman: Wolverine 19:15 min.
– Kate Mulgrew Commander Janeway 23.30 min.
– Michelle Pfiffer: Lady Hawke, Seline Kyle, Dark Shadows  26.30 min.
– Rutger Hauer Blind Fury 27.00 min.
– Kirstin Dunst: Claudia, Mary Jane Watson 27:50 min.
– Green Goblin Articulated Mask 29:50 min.

– Peter first fencing at the Renaissance Faire 33:30 min.
– American Pie Review SPOILER 38:15 min.

– Dumb and Dumber Sequel  45:05 min.
– The Raven: “Poe vs Cusak” and how Matt wants it to fail!  45:35 min.
– Safe: Jason Statham’s new Transporter movie 46:50 min.
– WHY NOT to visit your Ex-Girlfriend the Dentist! 56:15 min.
– The Avengers 1:01:20 min.

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